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Buying a Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Yes or No?

The weather is getting nicer, flowers are blooming...the spring season is in full effect. Spring kicks off the season of buying a home. But this year might be a little different than most years. With COVID-19 sweeping the nation, is it safe to buy a home during prime time?

For the most part, serious buyer and sellers are going to stick around. Interest rates are still low and sellers that need to sell, will continue to list their property. But there are something things that did change to keep buyers, sellers, and agents safe during this time.

  • Business is being done virtually. 
  • Showing homes becomes a little tricky because of the quarantine, video tours and FaceTime, Google Meet and Zoom tours have become very popular.
  • Remote contract signing and closings are also being done to keep everyone safe.
With a little improvising, and adaptation (thanks to Darwin), real estate business is still going strong.

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