Linda's Wisdom Wednesdays - 10 Crucial Features a House Should Have Today Amidst COVID-19

During your next renovation, something new may cross your mind, that was most likely not a speculation in the past... health and wellness.  How can these two tie in to the new way of renovation and home design?

Bigger pantries - room and storage space was a big deal when it came to non-perishables. Stocking up on items, just in case it was needed. More shelving, cabinet space in kitchens, laundry areas and bathroom will be seen after the pandemic has subsided.

More Freezer Space - More and more people will purchase a smaller unit to place perishable items in, just in case it is needed.

Bathroom Bidets - Oddly enough, this was becoming a big trend before the Coronavirus. With toilet paper shortages, you will see bidets more and more now in bathrooms. Check out some ideas here.

More Closed-Off Spaces - Open floor layout will not disappear, instead, a better balance between private, semiprivate, and public spaces is coming. Click here for some examples.

Brass and Copper Fixtures - Adapting to a new, more germ-conscious way of living starts with a return to copper and brass (a copper-zinc combo) for doorknobs and fixtures. In fact, brass kills bacteria more effectively than stainless steel, according to research.

Hands-Free Light Switches - keeping frequently used items hands-free to avoid extra germs lurking around.


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